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    Ghetto Gospel


    Sixteen-year old Dominik lives in Warsaw’s district Praga. Because of committed offences he will soon be placed in a social-therapeutic centre. In the last month of freedom he tries to catch up on all unfinished business – first of all he wants to record a rap song in the studio because rap has always been his passion. Meanwhile, the Christian missionaries appear on his street and offer him help in carrying out his musical plans. Thanks to a long conversation with them, the boy unexpectedly converts.

    Reżyseria: Jakub Radej
    Scenariusz: Jakub Radej
    Gatunek: dokumentalny
    Czas trwania: 27 min.
    Rok produkcji: 2011
    Produkcja: Kijora Film – Anna Gawlita
    Zdjęcia: Jakub Radej
    Montaż: Tomasz Wolski, Jakub Radej