A story about a mother and a daughter who did not keep in touch for many years. When it turns out that Weronika, a daughter of the younger of them, did not return home from school on her birthday, the women decide to look for her together in spite of the tensions between them. The crisis and several hours spent in a car at night trigger long-hidden emotions and provoke a conversation about their relationship.

Directed by: Tomasz Wolski
Script: Bartosz Mleczko, Tomasz Wolski
Genre: fiction
Total time: 25 min.
Year of production: 2015
Production: Studio Munka
Coproduction: Kijora Film – Anna Gawlita
Cinematography: Patryk Jordanowicz
Editor: Tomasz Wolski

Katarzyna Krzanowska

Teresa Budzisz-Krzyżanowska

Andrzej Konopka