In 1972 a team of French TV journalists came to Poland to secretly interview Leopold Trepper – Polish Jew, head of the legendary Red Orchestra – the most powerful espionage network during World War II.

French TV crew managed to record a more than hour interview with the legendary spy. However, the French crew returned home empty-handed. The whole video material was confiscated at Warsaw Airport. They were told the film’s reels would be destroyed.

After 45 years, it turned out that undestroyed and unreleased reels remained in Polish archives. The journalist who interviewed Trepper in the 70s is now 80-years old French TV celebrity. The screening of this interview will serve as a pretext and first step to tell a part of the story of controversial Leopold Trepper.

Directed by: Tomasz Wolski
Script: Tomasz Wolski
Genre: documentary
Total time: Feature-length
Production: Kijora Film – Anna Gawlita
Cinematography: Tomasz Wolski
Editor: Tomasz Wolski