The residents of a village near Opole are celebrating Easter Sunday. People as well as horses have gathered near the church. It is a traditional component of Easter celebrations, which include prayers, a horse ride around the households nearby and fervent singing under the influence of alcohol. Enigmatic editing and black and white photographs reflect the dignified atmosphere of the holiday in which the sacred is combined with the profane in a bizarre chase. All this happens under the patronage of the figurine of Resurrected Christ. The holiday of Krzyżoki and its celebrations make a typical southern Polish tradition.

Directed by: Anna Gawlita
Script: Anna Gawlita
Genre: documentary
Total time: 20 min.
Year of production: 2018
Production: Kijora Film - Anna Gawlita
Cinematography: Tomasz Wolski
Editor: Tomasz Wolski
Music: Michał Górczyński