Today we’re all gonna hide

„I’m waiting for mom and dad. Calendar ends today. A lot of us will die,
but not like Grandpa two years ago, only worse”. This is a morning
report from ten-year-old Daga. The girl is prepared for all threats.
Unlike her parents…

Directed by: Iwo Kondefer
Script: Iwo Kondefer
Genre: fiction
Total time: 22 min.
Year of production: 2024
Production country: Polska
Production: Kijora Film
Coproduction: PWSFTviT, Kreatywna Europa
Cinematography: Magda Kowalczyk
Editor: Natalia Jastrzębska
Animations: Anna Skoczeń
Sound: Aleksandra Landsmann

Matylda Wiercińska – Daga
Dobromir Dymecki – Daga’s father
Sara Celler-Jezierska – Daga’s mother
Dagmara Bąk – Ms. Ania