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In “Comrades” three young Italians who believe that communism can repair their country, and possibly the entire world, must face their growing pains. A politically engaged “coming of age” film with a dash of humor.

Despite different personalities and backgrounds of the protagonists, they participate in demonstrations, meetings, and support each other. They search for ways to organize the world, find work, and help them feel like a part of a community. However, senior Party members are only concerned with the past, sabotaging any attempts to change.


Is the plane a symbol of modernity and freedom, or rather catastrophes, assassinations and deep political divisions? In the Polish pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale, the artist Roman Stańczak literally turns the luxury jet over to the other side, looking for a universal gesture. Registration of the creative process is the starting point for a story about the dramatic fate of the artist who, after many years of life exclusion and non-existence in the world of art, returned to activity, almost immediately realizing the sculpture on the most important artistic event in the world.


A group of young men gives up on their existing lives and enters the Dominican Novitiate. Novices learn their duties, but more importantly, they form new friendships. They start to open up and confess to each other. They share their doubts about their faith in God and wonder whether the convent is the way they should follow. They miss their families and friends. They miss sexual contacts.

„The Novice” is a story about the search for life’s purpose. It is also a story about giving up on a path that seemed to be leading to it.

White Queen

Manuela, the title character of “The White Queen”, is the wife of an exiled Togolese king, Jules. Manuela’s unusual, royal function provides a distraction from her mundane life in Germany. Each trip to Africa is a fulfillment of her dreams and fills her with satisfaction that she can finally be of use to other people. With every return, she faces the challenge of reconciliation with the problems that were left behind.

The film concerns Manuela’s intuitive search for her identity, as she faces the opportunities and limitations only a life split between two continents can offer.



The story depicts the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Vaclav Vojir and Vera Vojirova, their family and their immediate surroundings between the summer of 1968 and the summer of 1969.

The couple gave their “word” to each other that they would always stand by themselves and not cross their moral boundaries. However, the period around 1968 exposes their mutual promise to difficult tests.


In 1972 a team of French TV journalists came to Poland to secretly interview Leopold Trepper – Polish Jew, head of the legendary Red Orchestra – the most powerful espionage network during World War II.

French TV crew managed to record a more than hour interview with the legendary spy. However, the French crew returned home empty-handed. The whole video material was confiscated at Warsaw Airport. They were told the film’s reels would be destroyed.

After 45 years, it turned out that undestroyed and unreleased reels remained in Polish archives. The journalist who interviewed Trepper in the 70s is now 80-years old French TV celebrity. The screening of this interview will serve as a pretext and first step to tell a part of the story of controversial Leopold Trepper.


The killing of a dog connects the fates of three people, and as everyone tries to avoid taking the blame events spin out of control, resulting in the disaster of a famous pianist’s concert, the breakdown of an apparently ideal family, and a tragic death.