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Simone, Francesca, and Olivia are young members of the Communist Refoundation Party. Despite different personalities and backgrounds, they participate in demonstrations, meetings, and support each other.
They search for ways to organize the world, find work, and help them feel like a part of a community. However, senior Party members are only concerned with the past, sabotaging any attempts to change.

Their disenchantment with the Party coincides with personal crises. From one side Simone’s sense of helplessness and the death of his mother, and Francesca’s family problems from the other side make them drift away from the organization and each other. Olivia, impatient with her colleagues’ inertia, joins a left-wing militia. Soon she finds out she got involved with dangerous people.

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White Queen

Manuela, the title character of “The White Queen”, is the wife of an exiled Togolese king, Jules. Manuela’s unusual, royal function provides a distraction from her mundane life in Germany. Each trip to Africa is a fulfillment of her dreams and fills her with satisfaction that she can finally be of use to other people. With every return, she faces the challenge of reconciliation with the problems that were left behind.

The film concerns Manuela’s intuitive search for her identity, as she faces the opportunities and limitations only a life split between two continents can offer.